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Please use the JOIN button below. With your name and email I will send you CALL details and some brief prep info to get you up to speed.


Join our one of a kind meeting where we tune in, train and test psychic abilities. Learn, share and target dreams, events, blocks and alternate dimensions. Workout for intuition, imaginations and vision. Make serendipitous contacts and widen the network. As a group, we make things happen for one another. Places are limited. There is a waitlist. Please join today to be alerted.

Remote viewing is often thought of as an activity only naturally gifted or highly trained psychics use, developed mainly in government programs during the 70’s. But remote viewing has been around for a very long time and can be traced back to mystical traditions the world over. We are taking the best of what we can learn from the past and weaving that into our own practice through trial and error. 

Absolutely not. The less you know the better. Come with an open mind and zero ideas or conceived notions and you will progress far quicker. 

We meet once a month on zoom, sometimes face to face when possible. We also meet using audio only as it sharpens the skills we are honing. 

No. The meeting is free. We will eventually accept donations that will be put towards R&D.

Simple click the JOIN button on this page and you will be directed to fill out a basic form with your email so we can be in touch with the next meeting time and link to join. 

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Woo Wee [@_OI] is a group of artists and data scientists creating live performance at the intersection of AI and creative practice.

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