An avant garde feature film 

Every dollar helps us make this film!   Donate Now!


An avant garde feature film 

Every dollar helps us make this film!   Donate Now!

Where are the perks for donating? 

When you make a donation, you will automatically be invited to join our private facebook group where you will get access to updates and be able to follow our progress at your leisure. All folks belonging to the group will get free screenings, posters, invites and many other gifts along the way. As many as we can think of, regardless of the amount you contribute. 

What’s it about? 

Mys is a traumatised psychic hired by Fohrview, an intelligence organization, to ‘view’ unknown particles in the hope of developing a new drug. An enigmatic Cowboy leads the program and promises all ‘viewers’ the ultimate reward for their participation, increased powers to see what has never been seen before. When an advanced viewer hacks the viewing apparatus and ‘enters’ a portal viewers start dying and the program is closed. Mys teams up with Flowers, an old time viewer with a DIY method of viewing to repair the damage and sure up the portal that threatens to suck them in. They soon discover a backroom control system that holds them hostage and a message that is the portal. Decoding that message requires the ultimate sacrifice, crossing over into an unknown dimension that calls to them and activating incubating alien DNA inside them, rendering them unable to return home, but viewing ’what no-one has ever seen before’.

What is remote


Remote viewing is using ESP to give information about an object, event, person or location that is hidden from physical view and separated at some distance. For more info on remote viewing read THIS 

What’s ‘preohrder’ about?

Preohrder is a working title for the film. But hey, you never know, it might stick. The title incorporates a mysterious location called OHR, central to the story of the film. OHR is a ‘hidden space’ outside of consensus reality that these characters are able to enter with their mind that enables them to become channels for an alien intelligence. 

Is this a professional film?

This is a no-budget film project that is being contributed to by both professional fimmakers and talented creatives. It is professional in the way we are approaching it i.e planning, technology and production value, but everyone working on the film is working on a volunteer basis.

What kind of crew do

you have?

There will be a very small crew of anywhere between 2-8 people depending on what is being shot on the day. People will be doubling up on their roles and responsibilities. Keeping the crew small and light means we can move faster, be nimble and of course, keep costs down.

Why make a low budget film?

Because it’s an opportunity to experiment and innovate outside of the pressures that comes from bigger budgets and expectations and because there is an intimacy, urgency and rawness from creating from chance and synchronicity, rather than money, that can translate into real magic on screen if everyone is on the same page. 

What are you going to do with the film?

This film will be entered in a variety of film festivals particularly those that specialize in independent, low-budget, science-fiction and experimental genres. Preohrder was conceptualized to be a proof of concept piece to launch the more ambitious feature film OHR which requires a larger budget. Well, larger than the budget we are working with now, which is equal to what can fit on our credit cards. 

What has this director done before?

I am an actress, writer and director in both film and theater. I also shoot and edit.  My work is on the experimental indie end of the spectrum and includes performance art, music videos, short films, video installations, live shows and events. See a selection of work and imagery here > youtube, vimeo and my website.  You can also see a selection of TEST FOOTAGE for this project that myself and our DOP Sushil completed recently HERE

Is there a script I can read?

No. There is no 90 page screenplay, which is a deliberate choice. There is a 30 – 40 page outline with each scene plotted out with ‘suggested’ dialogue.

Is it going to be good?

Who knows? Bringing diverse talents together to collaborate for the first time means there is an element of risk. There is no set formula to be able to capture magic on screen. If there was, every film would be outstanding. One thing is guaranteed, is that this project will not be hokey or cliche. Rest assured, the story is too out there for that. 

Every dollar helps us make this film! Donate Now!

Every dollar helps us make this film! Donate Now!