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Me No More

I’m not going to tell you what you already know. If you’re here you are probably into a lot of what I’m into and you’d also know that the further down the rabbit hole you go … well …. the less you know. Right? Be wary of folks who tell you they’ve solved the secrets of the universe.

But I have a take I want to share that I’ve turned into a micro-book. Time is of the essence, so let’s get to it. The idea is to print it out and keep it in your bag, tote, briefcase, whatever and when you feel like jumping off the cliff, read this first.

I could expound some deep thoughts, but in more ‘awake’ moments, the truth prevails – I have no idea. Who truly does? Terrance McKenna suggests we are trying to maximize an ability to release energy. We went from rubbing sticks to make fire, to a bomb, to nuclear fusion …If you want to listen to him direct I recommend his talk here. If you email me I have the transcript.

I believe they do, but perhaps not in the way humans think about feelings. See my blog post for more thoughts on this or join my for a plant medicine ceremony and ask the plants for yourself.

First we need to talk about what we mean by ‘human spirit’. From my perspective, there is nothing new under the sun, so is there every anything truly artificial? If we have created AI then isn’t it an externalization of something within us. My intention is not to sound anthropocentric. I think we all can agree that humans are not the centre of the universe.

TBD see my blog post here.

My advice? Try not to ‘feel’ anything about it. When we have strong feelings about ‘things’ we can’t control we end up trapping ourselves in a ‘charge’ that turns that very ‘thing’ into our reality. It doesn’t have to be that way. The answer is to ‘wake up’ and act consciously. How do we do that? Just do it! Or watch my video here. Good luck!

Mushrooms. No, seriously it is. All kinds. They are amazing gift-giving beings, the medicinal and the natural. See my blog post on this here.

Yes. Email with your ideas …



Woo Wee [@_OI] is a group of artists and data scientists creating live performance at the intersection of AI and creative practice.

Me No More