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It’s closer than you think. So don’t think.

Needles go in. I go out. Into the void. I detach from my co-ordinates … using the somersault method I developed as result of years of boredom in meditation. (If interested in what that is email me with subject line ‘summersault’). I’m at my acupuncture session on Thursday 11.24 am, August 11th, 2022. Today … […]

Is feedback killing your art?

Are you killing your art, or even your life, with feedback? Or more precisely, the wrong kind of feedback?
  Does any of the following sound familiar? I get feedback and I start second guessing myself. I try to please everyone by taking to heart their feedback and my creation starts breaking.  I don’t ask for […]

Love Because ….

Love because it’s why you‘re here, Love because it’s waiting for you, Love because it’s who you are, Love because you can’t help yourself, Love because you’re invisible until you do, Love everyone, because everyone is you, Love because it wins hands down every time, Love because it’s the greatest gift you can give, Love […]

Many Voices

MICRO FICTION MANY VOICES She never hears just one. She hears ‘many voices’ at a time, overlapping one another like seagulls, or spaghettis, or drunken patrons in a rowdy bar on the outskirts of a remote town. Just so happens that’s exactly where we are. A rowdy bar in a remote town. At a thousand […]



Woo Wee [@_OI] is a group of artists and data scientists creating live performance at the intersection of AI and creative practice.

Many Voices