What's on the
other side
of NOW?

Hi, I'm frankie 

Lately, life is changing fast. Just as I like it. It’s still about consciousness, awareness and choice. We are all powerful creators.

For me, the most powerful two words ever put together are ‘know thyself’. 

As an evolving performance artist, to experience the creative force, create worlds and dissolve the 'self' in the process, is where it's at. I’d love to share what I'm learning and experiencing on these fronts with you. 

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"You're fun. Your ideas always open up a new reality for me ... thank you for never letting me off the hook ever" - Grant Ward, Author


"Frankie you're far out ... like out of this world. I love reading your stuff. Refreshing and always makes me smile" - J. Adams, Artist


" ... I might not understand any of it, but I feel like my ideal future self should. Take me on another journey." Takus Rom, Investor


Ready to roll?

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I post things that remind me how to stay awake in a world that is constantly trying to put me to sleep ... oh and a few esoteric poems.  

Watch "The Portal" 

A micro-film series. Each 30 sec film is a pattern-interrupt for non-ordinary states. Send me a voice message (see right side of browser) to use as audio in the next one.  

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I write about experiences & encounters with altered states, waking up, un-creating what's not working & accessing a non-ordinary life, which I believe we all do but remain mostly unaware of. 


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